Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lady Gaga @ The Grammys 2010

Lady Gaga in Armani Prive

I'm not fond of the wig but seriously, she killed it... I don't know how Rihanna will top this.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Idol Show Season 3 with 2PM

From left to right : Chansung, Junsu, Wooyong, Jaebum, Junho, Nichkhun and Taecyeon

I don't want to say I never laughed so much in my whole life, but let me tell you that the experience I had watching this is pretty close to this statement...

I found this show totally by mistake, I had originally planned to watch Idol World, and I just thought people had badly tagged/named the show online. When I realized my mistake , it was too late, I had already around 4 episodes, so I decided to watch it, you know?  It had started so well...

The concept is not really original compared to other korean reality shows but you know the proverb; why fix something if it's not broken.

So onto the story : our dear members of 2PM have to compete in a various numbers of games and only one will survive at the end of the show as the best entertainer.
The catch is that most of the episode is not about the games per se but more about the couple choice they have to make at the beginning with one of the invited guests ...
This is where the fun starts...
Dancing, acting, winking, singing, everything is allowed to win the "girl" in your heart. But it doesn't stop here! Most of the time there are fewer girls than guys, as 2PM is , after all, a seven members boys band, so then the girl has also to return their feelings... Otherwise they'll end up in a boy-boy couple, and , who wants that at 20 years old?!!!

Under the jump are the lists of the episodes and some highlights I really enjoyed during the show... My favorite episodes were definitely Ep.4 and Ep.14-15 because of the guests, but I can't say too much... I'll leave you with those two previews I made.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Animal Collective - Winters Love

I finally found the occasion to try some new Animal Collective!!! A guy posted this song on a forum as the perfect song to listen to while studying... I always wanted to try something new from Animal Collective... And I fell in love.
Animal Collective - Winters Love

Monday, January 25, 2010

Always late : The SAG awards 2010 - the fashion recap

You probably already saw all the pictures but I still felt like doing a small recap...
I can start by saying that this redcarpet was way way better fashion wise than the Golden Globes... Even if, once again, no one really blew me away, the average was higher...

Now that I know how to use the read more functionality of blogger, beware!!!

Perfect Perfection

Sandra Bullock and Diane Kruger are my favorites again... I really loved the details on Sandra Bullock's Alexander McQueen's dress and even if mustard is my least favorite color ever you can't deny that Diane Kruger looks amazing in Jason Wu.

I didn't get a special love vibe either from Kate Hudson or Dianna Agron, but I really loved the design of the dresses and the updos they paired it with... You have to admit it that in the case of Kate Hudson, this is a huge step compared to her horrible Marchesa bridal dress from the Golden Globes.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Regina Spektor on the (500) Days of summer OST

I just love her voice and style. It kinda remind me of Ingrid Michaelson sometimes too.
I don't know which one, out of Us or Hero, I like the most... Maybe Us because I feel Hero is too short... At the end it leaves me waiting for more.
And it's contagious
And it's contagious
And it's contagious
And it's contagious

Friday, January 22, 2010

New design?

I'm writing this post because,  according to this article , I should not content myself with a dull Blogger design .
I currently use the Minima template - a little tweaked of course- but I've been wondering if I should not take this opportunity and change the layout of my blog.
I selected a few designs myself, tell me if you favor a change or if I should just stick to the layout I already have... I'm looking for something quite minimalist, after all, it's just a personal blog, not an online magazine/photoblog etc...

I'll showcase the original layout and then a few screencaps of what the blog would look like once I put the template on it:
  • A post (with the a "read more after the jump" part )
  • Comments
  • Quoting
  • Footer/Sidebar if necessary

There will be no tweaking, just an initial look of what the template would look like... I'm doing this because nobody wants to code and tweak a design so it fits ... I would like to make my final choice based also on the amount of work left after I upload the code to Blogger.

So onto the designs!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes 2010 - Fashion Recap

Olivia Wilde is wearing Gucci and Kate Winslet is wearing Yves Saint Laurent.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

(500) days of Summer - 3.5/5

This is not a love story.
It is a story about love.

Indeed it is.
Tom is your typical romantic girl (typo that stays). He believes in fate, destiny, love at first sight, being in love forever and ever etc...
The first time he saw Summer, he knew she was the One.
But Summer doesn't really believe in love, she'd rather be alone and not attached to anybody ... Anyway, your typical guy.

This is not a love story.
It is a story about love.

I really enjoyed how the movie was done. The actors were genuine and the photography reminiscent of the 50s... Paired with the fashion choice, it gave some kind of a timeless feeling to the movie. The editing reminded me sometimes of Amelie which helped adding a coat of cuteness overall the whole movie.

I liked how the movie did its own tweak on relationships. Maybe that's why I agree with the tagline so much.
It is not your typical romantic comedy.
We had some conversations about the main characters actions and reactions through the whole movie.
My friend was right , this is the kind of movie that makes you think.

And I need the soundtrack.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Goodbye Jewelry

Very beautiful and sad goodbye performance... Reminded me when I first stumbled across Jewelry, around their SuperStar era... They sure grew up! I should check them out again...
I wish the best to the two last members but I have to say that it's gonna be hard to find a replacement for Park Jung Ah's voice.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Technology never ceases to impress me


Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra

이러다 미쳐 내가 여리여리 착하던 그런 내가
너 때문에 돌아 내가 독한 나로 변해 내가

I used to be nice, soft and tender
but if I keep going crazy like this
you’ll change me into something bad

Sexy moves, sexy outfits, upbeat tempo, and catchy melody.
I know I'm late (been released since july 2009) but I like it!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Emma Watson for Burberry Prorsum Spring 2010 campaign

I know it's an overload of Burberry Prorsum Spring 2010 but I just stumbled upon those photos of the ad campaign featuring Emma Watson and her younger brother (in the suit)... The feeling is very different from the ads I remember with Kate Moss and Stella Tenant...
But afterall, we're in 2010...

What do you guys think?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Avatar - 2,5/5


Actually, I'm sorry it took me so long to review the "movie of 2009" but I didn't really know how to introduce it...Till today.

I just found this link and I thought it was the perfect review/summary of the movie... People raved about the technology but you have to say that the story.concept of the movie was really so-so. The message behind it is great but unfortunately from what I've heard, it didn't really go through as everybody is still talking about how the visuals were impressing.

I didn't even find the effects to be wow-ing. To be honest, I felt the 3D images were sometimes shaky and blurry, and besides, I was not really used to it, and after 2h30, I got a serious headache. When I left the movies, I was a little worried, cause it seems everything coming out - Alice in Wonderland for example - will be in 3D from now on. I hope I'll get quickly used to it and also that the technology will get better so I can really enjoy it ...

Combined with my lovey-dovey relationship to Sam Worthington, I didn't really enjoy the movie...

As I tweeted
Avatar: good, but not great

Monday, January 04, 2010

Kate Hudson for Harpers Bazaar January 2010

@Wearing Burberry Prorsum 2010
I'm seriously in love with this collection.

Little Boots - Stuck on repeat

You got me stuck on repeat
And I just can't seem to break free

Sunday, January 03, 2010

The most anticipated movies of 2010

I stumbled upon this article  and after reading it and realizing I wasn't anticipating any of those movies, we decided to find an alternative, which is to check the Apple's trailer website -our new favorite activity btw.

What the hell is this movie talking about?
Will wait and see

When watching the preview, my sister told me this movie reminded her of a very bad one she didn't finish, about a bunch of people who were fighting an invasion of alien sand worms -or something like that , also inside a diner.
No, just no

I'm actually pretty excited about Daybreakers. Even if the theme of vampires is overplayed lately - thanks Twilight, I liked how they tweaked the story here.
Will definitly go

Seriously, I wonder if Sam Worthington's didn't make use of the casting couch concept because I can't explain how he managed to get the lead on so many blockbusters (Terminator, Avatar and now Clash of the Titans). The latest is the definition of the state of Hollywood nowadays, something that started -for me - with Transformers. Just put the cream of the special effects technology in your movie and you're done. Don't bother with writing a story or casting worthy actors.
Will still go ,  I am a prisoner of Hollywood's marketing policies

Iron Man 2
While I have to agree they did a good job casting Robert Downey Jr for the lead, this movie was what started my mistrust for movies critics. How come everybody raved about this movie? I was utterly disappointed. I'm really not excited about the sequel.
If somebody pays for my ticket only

This is a sad sad day... Hollywood casting two actors that look nothing like the population that lives in the Middle East... The last time I went to the movies, two of my friends told me they could not understand this decision when they saw the poster.
I'm not really into Prince of Persia myself...I didn't even enjoy the concept of the game. We got bored very fast and moved onto something else.
If somebody pays for my ticket only

Robin Hood
I didn't like the huge amount of violence I saw in the trailer and I just can't fathom Russel Crowe -urgh- as Robin Hood. Sorry.
Will wait and see

The Sorcerer's apprentice
When I saw Nicolas Cage, I closed the trailer window.
No, just no

Fading of the cries
No, just no

Kick ass
Actually the poster looked interesting, but the trailer set things straight. Not my thing at all.
No, just no

And finally
Done, done and redone... Come on Hollywood!
No, just no

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Korean pretty boys and reality tv

@G-Dragon from Big Bang for the magazine W

Lately I've been addicted to watching korean shows and then trying to keep up with who's who in the korean pop music. They have so many boys bands and girls bands, it's unbelievable...
I find it very funny to see that this boys bands era  has been dead in the US for almost 10 years but it's still going on very strong in our fellow asian countries. Every year a girl band/boy band has to debut...

I started by watching Intimate Note on youtube. I really enjoyed this show. The concept is to try bringing two members of one band closer together by making them compete in different missions. A friend gave me the link for the Fly To The Sky's episode - I'm a big fan - and before you know it, I ended up watching the episodes with Big Band and then Super Junior.

I also tried
  • MNET's scandal, a show where a celebrity dates a normal girl for one week
  • We Got Married , a show where two celebrities are matched and have to act like they're married for a while.
  • 1 Night , 2 Days , a show where a group of guys are send to a part of Korea to camp with a total budget between 10$ and 60$ for the whole trip.

Except the last show which is really funny, I didn't like the others so much... I think it's mostly the hosts who make the show and when they're missing, it is not the same....

Friday, January 01, 2010

A new year / a new decade

Une nouvelle decade.
Je me rappelle 2000. Mes premiers pas a Montreal.
10 ans.
Ca passe si vite.
Les amities se font et se defont.
Les gens viennent et s'en vont.
Et moi,
je reste la.

I am who I am.
(I am canadian :p).