Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Avatar - 2,5/5


Actually, I'm sorry it took me so long to review the "movie of 2009" but I didn't really know how to introduce it...Till today.

I just found this link and I thought it was the perfect review/summary of the movie... People raved about the technology but you have to say that the story.concept of the movie was really so-so. The message behind it is great but unfortunately from what I've heard, it didn't really go through as everybody is still talking about how the visuals were impressing.

I didn't even find the effects to be wow-ing. To be honest, I felt the 3D images were sometimes shaky and blurry, and besides, I was not really used to it, and after 2h30, I got a serious headache. When I left the movies, I was a little worried, cause it seems everything coming out - Alice in Wonderland for example - will be in 3D from now on. I hope I'll get quickly used to it and also that the technology will get better so I can really enjoy it ...

Combined with my lovey-dovey relationship to Sam Worthington, I didn't really enjoy the movie...

As I tweeted
Avatar: good, but not great


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