Friday, January 22, 2010

New design?

I'm writing this post because,  according to this article , I should not content myself with a dull Blogger design .
I currently use the Minima template - a little tweaked of course- but I've been wondering if I should not take this opportunity and change the layout of my blog.
I selected a few designs myself, tell me if you favor a change or if I should just stick to the layout I already have... I'm looking for something quite minimalist, after all, it's just a personal blog, not an online magazine/photoblog etc...

I'll showcase the original layout and then a few screencaps of what the blog would look like once I put the template on it:
  • A post (with the a "read more after the jump" part )
  • Comments
  • Quoting
  • Footer/Sidebar if necessary

There will be no tweaking, just an initial look of what the template would look like... I'm doing this because nobody wants to code and tweak a design so it fits ... I would like to make my final choice based also on the amount of work left after I upload the code to Blogger.

So onto the designs!

Black Minimalist [DL]
Except the fact that some functionalities don't work, I quite like this design.

Evidens [DL]
The minimalistic feeling and bright colors make me dig this design a lot... But it feels a little empty :(

Masinop [DL]
I like the concept of this design, but once I put it on my website, I realized there were a lot of updates to do... Hopefully it's only images and it's gonna work out fine.

This is probably one of my favorite design, but it would need a lot of work (resizing all the pictures , creating thumbnails) and also having pictures in all my posts... This is design better suited for photoblogs than anything else.

While working on this post, I think I found the One... I really like the design, everything pretty much work out as I want it, maybe a little tweaking on the design of the sidebar but that's really easy (or optional).

Urban Artist [DL]
Another design I really like... I only wish the "read more" functionality would work though :(


  1. White text on black background is bad web design in my opinion. It's difficult to read. Mystique is the best of the selection I'd say and with some customisation you could make this your own.

    Hell, why don't you code one from scratch? Stop playing Civ and do some coding :p

  2. Very funny ffw :p.

    Thanks for your input

  3. The "Civ Strategie" bookmark gave away your bad habit :p

    (Yes, I notice everything!)

  4. ^^ haha noooooooooo damn you got me :p!