Saturday, January 02, 2010

Korean pretty boys and reality tv

@G-Dragon from Big Bang for the magazine W

Lately I've been addicted to watching korean shows and then trying to keep up with who's who in the korean pop music. They have so many boys bands and girls bands, it's unbelievable...
I find it very funny to see that this boys bands era  has been dead in the US for almost 10 years but it's still going on very strong in our fellow asian countries. Every year a girl band/boy band has to debut...

I started by watching Intimate Note on youtube. I really enjoyed this show. The concept is to try bringing two members of one band closer together by making them compete in different missions. A friend gave me the link for the Fly To The Sky's episode - I'm a big fan - and before you know it, I ended up watching the episodes with Big Band and then Super Junior.

I also tried
  • MNET's scandal, a show where a celebrity dates a normal girl for one week
  • We Got Married , a show where two celebrities are matched and have to act like they're married for a while.
  • 1 Night , 2 Days , a show where a group of guys are send to a part of Korea to camp with a total budget between 10$ and 60$ for the whole trip.

Except the last show which is really funny, I didn't like the others so much... I think it's mostly the hosts who make the show and when they're missing, it is not the same....


  1. soo awesome! Then... lets start the Korean Trend together!
    Resolution: learn Korean phonetics and a bit of grammar ^___^