Sunday, January 03, 2010

The most anticipated movies of 2010

I stumbled upon this article  and after reading it and realizing I wasn't anticipating any of those movies, we decided to find an alternative, which is to check the Apple's trailer website -our new favorite activity btw.

What the hell is this movie talking about?
Will wait and see

When watching the preview, my sister told me this movie reminded her of a very bad one she didn't finish, about a bunch of people who were fighting an invasion of alien sand worms -or something like that , also inside a diner.
No, just no

I'm actually pretty excited about Daybreakers. Even if the theme of vampires is overplayed lately - thanks Twilight, I liked how they tweaked the story here.
Will definitly go

Seriously, I wonder if Sam Worthington's didn't make use of the casting couch concept because I can't explain how he managed to get the lead on so many blockbusters (Terminator, Avatar and now Clash of the Titans). The latest is the definition of the state of Hollywood nowadays, something that started -for me - with Transformers. Just put the cream of the special effects technology in your movie and you're done. Don't bother with writing a story or casting worthy actors.
Will still go ,  I am a prisoner of Hollywood's marketing policies

Iron Man 2
While I have to agree they did a good job casting Robert Downey Jr for the lead, this movie was what started my mistrust for movies critics. How come everybody raved about this movie? I was utterly disappointed. I'm really not excited about the sequel.
If somebody pays for my ticket only

This is a sad sad day... Hollywood casting two actors that look nothing like the population that lives in the Middle East... The last time I went to the movies, two of my friends told me they could not understand this decision when they saw the poster.
I'm not really into Prince of Persia myself...I didn't even enjoy the concept of the game. We got bored very fast and moved onto something else.
If somebody pays for my ticket only

Robin Hood
I didn't like the huge amount of violence I saw in the trailer and I just can't fathom Russel Crowe -urgh- as Robin Hood. Sorry.
Will wait and see

The Sorcerer's apprentice
When I saw Nicolas Cage, I closed the trailer window.
No, just no

Fading of the cries
No, just no

Kick ass
Actually the poster looked interesting, but the trailer set things straight. Not my thing at all.
No, just no

And finally
Done, done and redone... Come on Hollywood!
No, just no


  1. there is one with Bruce Willis ! I would like to watch it!