Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes 2010 - Fashion Recap

Olivia Wilde is wearing Gucci and Kate Winslet is wearing Yves Saint Laurent.

Wow it's been a while since I featured an award event on this blog, and I thought it was mostly because it wasn't the awards seasons... But I have to say that I've been kinda bored lately - UPDATE: it seems  I'm not the only one to think so - with the fashion choices of the celebrities on the red carpet and yesterday was not really an exception...
A few mentions there and there for using color (Ginnifer Godwin) or a different silhouette (Drew Barrymore)but otherwise it was the regular black mermaid/sparkly dress. So it's no surprise that my favorite dress was the one worn by Diane Kruger, a superb layered vibrant pink dress from Christian Lacroix Couture.

Next is Sandra Bullock wearing a sheer purple dress from Bottega Veneta

The icing on the cake was her heels. I happened to catch her winning speech on tv and when I saw her walking on the stage, I was really flabbergasted. I loved her whole look (even the weird hair).

Finally, I know it's a black sparkly dress but the details on Paula Patton's Kaufman Franco's dress paired with her pregnant glow are just too lovely.

And because I love dimples, a special mention to Jennifer Morrison, Jennifer Garner  and Carey Mulligan for their cuteness

For more looks, head over here or here.


  1. Il y en avait des mieux !
    jane Krakowski et Rose Bryne. Mais aussi Jennifer Aniston non?

  2. Jennifer Aniston c'etait black black and boring. Rose Bryne, un peu boring non? Par contre, je ne me rappele plus de Jane Krakowski... Je vais voir

  3. Non j'ai vu et j'aime pas trop... Trop simple.