Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Soup de moi - 10/03/14

So like the Soup on E!Online, I'll start to concatenate in one post the best of what I saw during the current week. Hopefully it's something that will go on and not like a one hit wonder.

I'll start with the episode 16 of this Criminal Minds season, called Mosley Lane...
In the past I had some friends question my love for this show, as they felt it could turn me insensible to the true horror of what was happening during some episodes.
I agree with them, but some episodes just put you right in your place.
Like this one.
It dealt with children's abductions. They had this theme before, but this one was just... It's like when you read in the papers that some missing child has been found after xx years. I felt for the parents, cause not everyone saw their child come back at the end. It was so sad!!

Continuing with the law enforcement theme, I caught up with some CSI I had missed. This one dealt with the death of a weather woman (Dee Dee), found dressed up like she's was working the streets.

Basically just because there is a woman in the car doesn't mean it safe to go in! OMG!!!! SO SCARY!

Anyway not everything was about depressing and scary stuff!

Now you see me, now you don't

The triangle formation just don't work in a choreography with 6 persons.  
It's not the same.
The song is still okay though.
2PM - Follow your soul mv

U-Kiss Vampire Ep. 6 - Date at the amusement park

So the guys continue on their dates at the amusement park
Recap after the jump

Friday, March 12, 2010

2NE1 - Try to follow me

What the f*ck did I just watch?? (part.2)
Actually I wanted to talk about this mv like ages ago, but I got sidetracked by the mess that was Lady Gaga's new videoclip over here.
Lady Gaga , you can learn one or two tricks from this one:
2NE1== Extreme fierceness!

Fashion wise
The girls of 2NE1 are just out there!!! While Lady Gaga and Rihanna wears a lot of creative stuff, most of it is custom made or just haute couture and I can only dream about it.
I think Park Bom  might be wearing an Alexander McQueen dress here but most of the time the girls from 2NE1  wear affordable clothes. Even if the probability that the item's sold out is very high, I still have my eyes set on the Star Wars cap that Sandara Park is wearing below
I now leave you with my favorites moments (images heavy, watch out!)