Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Grammys 2010 - Yawn Yawn Yawn boring.

My parents were browsing through the channels for something to watch when they realized the Grammys were on. They decided to have a quick preview; the Black Eyed Peas were performing at this moment. After less than two minutes, they already had changed the channel to some a show talking about fishermen or what not... Anyway, something really boring.. The fisherman life seemed more interesting to them that the Grammys!

I was somewhat excited about the Grammys because singers have been known to take more fashion risks/ play more with fashion that their actors counterpart... This theory has been proved wrong at the Grammys where everybody showed up in long red carpet dresses. Even Rihanna!
I was saying in the post below that I couldn't wait to see if she would been able to top Lady Gaga in her Armani Prive custom dress and there she is, wearing this long feathery white gown.
Rihanna in Elie Saab Couture
It's a gorgeous gown but, don't forget, it's the Grammys we're talking about! Not the Oscars...

Cocktail dresses vs long trains

Jennifer Hudson in Victoria Beckham
Even if the dress itself has nothing special, I have to say it looks beautiful on Jennifer Hudson and hugs her all in the right places... Good job!

Beyonce in Stephane Rolland
I'm a little sick of Beyonce wearing those A line/mermaid dresses... This dress is not beautiful at all - with the zipper - doesn't it remind you of those neoprene scuba diver suits?
At least she redeemed herself with her "sasha" fierce performance outfit below, that has been seen on Rihanna for Vogue Italy by the way...
Beyonce in Atelier Versace

Beyonce in Armani Privé
This dress is really lovely and fits the Grammys theme so well; I wish she would have chosen this dress for the red carpet.

Miley Cyrus in Herve Leger
No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is really Miley Cyrus, featured on this blog. Even if I don't really fathom her music, I have to recognize when a compliment is due... Miley made a good choice tonight, a simple mini, really cute and well accessorized, a perfect choice considering her age...

Taylor Swift in Kaufman Franco
Taylor Swift was one of the big winners of the night - I should start listening to her music I guess- but not in term of fashion. Don't get me wrong, the dress is lovely, but unfortunately, she always sticks to the same designer and sparkly dresses.. At 20, she should be experimenting and dress a little more extravagant.. This is plain boring.

Both Fergie and Jennifer Lopez had curve huggin dresses with some lamé parts on them. It was a very nice choice for both ladies.

Not all the ladies wearing short dresses were hits though
I've heard a lot about Ke$ha(left) but seeing her like this doesn't make want try her music... She looks really tired and the dress does not fit her at all!
Heidi Klum (middle) looks really large wearing this dress and doesn't have the support she needs! I don't like.
Marisa Miller probably suffer from short term memory loss l because when I saw her dress, it reminded me of the dress she wore last year

But the palm d'or to the worst dressed goes probably to those two below
I think Britney Spears wanted to come incognito but unfortunately her see through (cheap) dress surely put her on many of the worst dressed lists of the night, including mine.
Snooki from Jersey Shore (right) - what the hell is she doing here anyway - is wearing the sempiternal Herve Leger bandage dress -or a knockoff - we saw on everyone... And it does not fit her at all!

Did you watch the show yourself? What performances/outfits did you like/not like?


  1. Oh oh oh...je trouve ça bien cheum comme il faut la robe de Rihanna...on dirait des condoms sur le devant, washhhhhh
    Les deux robes de Beyoncé (les courtes) sont géniales et celle de Fergie est pas mal hot aussi.