Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Soup de moi - 10/03/14

So like the Soup on E!Online, I'll start to concatenate in one post the best of what I saw during the current week. Hopefully it's something that will go on and not like a one hit wonder.

I'll start with the episode 16 of this Criminal Minds season, called Mosley Lane...
In the past I had some friends question my love for this show, as they felt it could turn me insensible to the true horror of what was happening during some episodes.
I agree with them, but some episodes just put you right in your place.
Like this one.
It dealt with children's abductions. They had this theme before, but this one was just... It's like when you read in the papers that some missing child has been found after xx years. I felt for the parents, cause not everyone saw their child come back at the end. It was so sad!!

Continuing with the law enforcement theme, I caught up with some CSI I had missed. This one dealt with the death of a weather woman (Dee Dee), found dressed up like she's was working the streets.

Basically just because there is a woman in the car doesn't mean it safe to go in! OMG!!!! SO SCARY!

Anyway not everything was about depressing and scary stuff!

I finally watched KBS Gayo Daejun 2009 and I really loved how they all did the famous k-pop dances of 2009, it was funny!
Overall the show was kinda boring, I already saw the mv/watched the bands live countless of time before, so I didn't really enjoy it. But seeing Eunhyuk wearing bright shoes and trying to be front row at the end made me think of what he said during a recent appareance on Strong Heart.
At least, he's humble !

It also made me think about the "controversy" regarding the fact that Super Junior copied some choregraphy for their Lunar Special Dance Battle. You can see for yourself! (2mn20 for the first one/20 sec for the second one)

At the beginning I was really shocked cause they not only took the chore, but the song as well!! But  when I saw the rest of the show, I realized that everybody copied each other, and the ones that probably came up with an original choreography didn't even win!!
So basically I don't blame them for not being original but still it pains me that choreographers get plagiarized out there and can do nothing about it.

I'm ending this post with the funniest thing I have watched in probably a long time, my bad for forgetting about the awesomeness that is Canal+.
I leave you with a cut from Le Petit Journal, covering Snoop Doog concert in Paris.

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  1. Lol trop drôle le big up raté !

    C'est tout ce que t'as regardé de la semaine??
    C'est vraiment pas bcp...