Sunday, March 14, 2010

U-Kiss Vampire Ep. 6 - Date at the amusement park

So the guys continue on their dates at the amusement park
Recap after the jump
Alexander is trying no matter what to bring some fun into his date... Poor him...

After the bungee jumping, each couples go on their own dates. Trying to make amends because he skipped it, Kiseop accepts to go on the Viking.

Dongho decides for the DDR the arcade.

They go on to try some cute ear hats at a gift shop
Ha Dongho!!! When will you learn!!!

They end up meeting Kiseop couple and riding the Viking as well.
Seems like we have some cowards in U-Kiss :p

On the ride, U-Kiss hit song Manmanhani comes up. The reaction is just too cute.

Looks like he didn't enjoy it so much... The song's in the background just fits perfectly!!

After the dates, they meet up again at the hall to "debrief" on the day and decide if the couple was a success or not.

Anyway I won't spoil all the fun, so I'll stop with this : 


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