Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Best of 2009 - Last.fm : #30 - #21

#30 - U2
I didn't even know they released an album this year :S

#29 - Gun's and Roses
I know some people were waiting for Chinese Democracy . Dr. Pepper even made a bet regarding the release date . I'll pass.

#28 - Nickelback
Okay... If things continue like that, I can't wait for the number one.

#27 - The All American Rejects

#24 - Röyskoop
Röyskoop makes electro music. They're not bad but not especially good either. Some catchy tunes, but like all electro bands out there..

#22 - Artic Monkeys
I've never really liked them...

#21 - Grizzly Bear 
I already wrote a small review of the Yellow House album here. I have listened to Veckatimest but I still haven't grown into it. I find there is something missing , that doesn't create the atmostphere of Yellow House. Maybe with time, I'll like it..

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  1. A looot of good artists ! Arctic Monkeys rule !!!!!!