Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dating a friend/relative ex

I was wondering  what you guys thought about this because I had a talk with a friend of mine and he told me
How weird would it be if you were going to  like a "family" reunion and your sister was there with her boyfriend, who turned out to be your ex.
 He was saying it was just drama waiting to happen.
Let's say he looks at you funny? Or he just brushes you, touches you?

I don't agree. I mean if you are really into someone would you let this opportunity go by just because he happened to date your friend or your sister before? I would not mind as well if my sister would go out with one of my exes. If he is my exes it means it didn't work out between us and if it works out well with my sister it means again that it wasn't meant to be with us. We're so different!
I don't know if I would go for one of my friends ex because of this, I mean if it didn't work out between them, why would it work out between us?

Anyway let me know.


  1. On sort pas avec les ex de ses soeurs ou de ses amies...ya tjs des sentiments qui restent.

    Faire cela = DRAMA right away !

  2. Yeah so c'est ca que je disais, you would comme laisser passer le mec de ta vie just because he was your sister's ex?