Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Funny preview

I screencapped my playcounts of the week because I thought the display of artists at this moment was rather funny/odd. On the top are only hip-hop artists , respectively, a producer, the new hot thing, the veteran, and the love/hate rapper . On the bottom are what I would label as "indie" artists. Anyway I just feel like doing a quick introduction as how I got into them, so here you go! I love to do that!!!
  1. Madlib . Well I decided to try his beats (even though I'm not really an "instrumental/beat" person) as he's one of the main producer working with MF Doom (my latest hip-hop obsession). I'm Very Impressed . Well not very impressed , I kinda foresaw it would be good based on his work with Doom.
  2. J.Cole : I was chit-chatting with this hip-hop head about music when he ordered me to try it out. I thought why not? Quite impressed . I mean his latest mixtape is almost album material.
  3. Q-Tip : His latest album was very well received in the hip-hop community. I don't really like Q-Tip cause I don't like nasal voices on guys, but the album really grew on me.Very impressed. Really nice beats, different from what you're usually listening on the radio.
  4. MF Doom & MF Grimm : Well this is a long story. I was browsing my regular forum when someone posted asked about songs with irregular beats. Along this came this video. I was hooked. I decided to try more of it. I cannot rate it cause I'm automatically biased with MF Doom.
  5. The Olivia Tremor Control : It started with The Instruments, a group part of the label Elephant 6. I decided to get more into this label, starting with the some of the most famous bands. Some highs and lows depending on my mood
  6. Grizzly Bear : More here
  7. Panda Bear : He's the main (most accessible) artist behind Animal Collective so I decided to give a try to his solo work. Very Impressed
  8. The Shins : Randomly got it when I was in my random period (it happens sometimes). Not impressed, rather generic band tbh.


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