Thursday, March 11, 2010

SHINee - Get Down feat. f(x) Luna

From left to right Onew (leader-vocals), Taemin (dance), Key (versatile), Jonghyun (main vocal), Minho (rap). Onew looks bothered on this pic lol.

I got first introduced to SHINee when they came to visit 2PM on Idol Show Season 3... At that time I thought they looked very young, with this very preppy-cute boy band image.
That was almost one year ago...
They have since released a mini-album : 2009, Year of us and with Get Down, I think the boys nailed their transition into what they've been hoping to turn to, that is a "man's" band - opposed to a boy band.
With a vibe that reminds me of old school hip-hop and the guys going hard on it, I couldn't believe I was listening to SHINee!! I didn't recognize them!!!
We're far from the romantic ballad Replay - Noona is pretty from one year ago!
Hopefully they'll continue in this direction [and Taemin will grow up]
SHINee - Get Down


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