Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hero Jaejoong to be featured in japanese magazine An An?

Today the news dropped.
Jaejoong might be featured in japanese magazine An An...
Ok so far nothing really jaw dropping, you tell me, except that An An is known for displaying male celebs in their simplest apparel and/or in rather compromising positions with female models...
So now it's Hero Jaejoong's turn? The fandom simply exploded. While fans in korea were lining up online to pre-oder the magazine, people on omona and popseoul were debating whether the photoshoot would be saucy or safe.
After all, I saw some pictures of some previous male celebs featured, and, oh boy!, some are very r-rated.

Matsumoto Jun

Yamapi wowowowowow!!

Hiroki Narimiya (two thumbs up)


Sho Sakurai


Akanishi Jin (ou la la!!!)


To be honest, I was kinda disappointed with MatsuJun pictures... It was more on the cute side.
Even if I don't find Yamapi attractive, his pictures were rather racy, but the one that topped everything was definitely Akanishi!!! A guy from Johnny's acting like that!!! O.O


  1. Hiroki~ ...I really admire him, I've seen many of the dramas and movies he was in before I actually knew it was him; he really does a fantastic job of playing very different and versatile roles, one of the most role-diverse actors I've seen!

    Jaejoong... Cassies are going to get that girl...