Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Oscars 2010 - The looks at the after parties

Everyone showed up... From some A-Lister missing from the main event to some serious D-Listers ...

Some looks I liked
For once Kate Beckinsale is not wearing a A-line/mermaid dress so I knew I had to feature her!

Some looks I didn't like
Can someone tell me what the hell is she doing here?

Cool looks

From left to right:
  • Kate Bostworth adopts a very light and feminine look, I really like her dress.
  • J.Lo looks fierce as usual!
  • I don't know Demi Levato but I really like her mini golden sparkly dress. 
  • I'm a little sick of Vanessa Hudgens and her 1920's inspiration but , hey why fix something if it's not broken? 
  • Except the hair, I like Kelly Osbourne dress, it's really cute despite the feathers on the skirt.

Bad looks
From left to right:
  • Salma Hayek probably wanted to pay homage to Alexander McQueen but I felt the dress was too busy on her and her hair look like such a mess.
  • Katy Perry should consider changing stylists. It's one miss after another.
  • Olivia Wilde looks like 40 years old, that's too bad, she's so pretty!
  • Hilary Swank has a great body, but the dress is really too low cut. 
It's funny, basically the two last one should have switched dresses or something.


  1. I sooo much love the "puffy" of J.lo ! but what does that mean being fierce???

  2. Me likes nothing, looool.
    Bon le mieux c'est Salma Hayek, au moins c'est original !