Sunday, March 07, 2010

Gourmet Asian Fusion - 4050 Saint-Denis

How we ended up there
My cousin absolutely wanted to go to a bring your own wine restaurant not too far from Mont-Royal's station. She felt like italian at first but because my last time at l'Academie left me with a bad impression overall, I pressed her to choose something else. Turns out one of her friends had been to Gourmet Asia Fusion, an all you can eat asian restaurant,  just across the street from l'Academie so she set her choice on this one.

My sister is not fond of chinese food so she decided to bail out but I insisted on the fact that it was a fusion restaurant and than amongst all the chinese dishes, we might find some thai and who knows? Maybe some sushi or some indian as well!!!

Just before leaving to the restaurant we had a quick look at the menu. It looked so good on paper! We couldn't wait.... I was a little anxious because I was wondering if I would have enough space to taste a little of everything.

The setting
When we arrived, the restaurant was packed... People were waiting in line. The restaurant is quite small and it's difficult to navigate between the tables, especially if there are big reservations. I think they were at least 3 birthdays parties this night, taking up to at least 60% of the capacity of the restaurant.
We sat down and because I love to do that, I asked the waitress for more info regarding the meals and how it would work out.
Turns out that whatever you order, they bring for the whole table. If you have some left-over, they make you pay. So if you feel like eating some soup, you have to make sure everyone will want the soup or  that you can eat whatever's left . What a big surprise!! Nobody knew about this "rule" around the table, and they were already starting to select their meals. Despite the "warning", at the end,  the order sheet was almost full.
People started to panic but when the food arrived, we were all relieved!! They only give you one small plate, with food for maximum two persons on it. We were 11, and I think we ordered around 9 different meals, so we were okay... The only thing they bring in high quantity is the rice/noodles (of course).

The food
For 27 $ after the tip and taxes, the food was definitely not worth it. There were some good meals, like the General Tao Chicken (almost never a miss) and the Sea Salt Shrimps but all the rest was watered down. Literally.
The spring rolls and the soup were missing their shrimps and the dumplings were more like won-ton that real gyoza dumplings.
I think it's a good all you can eat restaurant but don't expect quality meals.


  1. ahahah I like it! Anyway one of my friends really enjoyed it i don't even remember for how much he eat almost four or five plate of beef for himself!

  2. lol, I was like should I write this or not, but then I was like , bah, anyway I can bitch all I want you don't even read this blog anyway and bam! You come and comment!
    Murphy's law lol

  3. The food was horrid ! Lol, kidding. It was definitly below average, the curries were really mild, I would even say extra-mild !
    The Tom Yum soup was missing shrimps and the wonton were empty, lol.

    The only good thing was the wine we brought ! I'm glad I did not leave much tip since the waitress was so not helpful and the staff was always forgetting our food, thinking that we wouldn't remember what we ordered...please we're French!