Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When editorials go wrong - After School for InStyle Korea

After School - in Burberry SS2010 - for InStyle March 2010
Overload of cuteness doesn't mean it is going to look good...

It's funny because the models during the fashion shows are, for me, the ones doing the worst job as ambassadors for the clothes.
It may be due to the fact that I'm not seated at the front row and the details don't translate well in the pictures or that the models could as well be replaced by cardboards and we would not see the difference, I don't know....

I usually have to wait till I see the collection on a real person ( ie. with a real body) or in a editorial to appreciate the clothes and see the collection from another perspective.

Unfortunately here, I feel the stylist did a bad job, because after seeing this editorial, I don't feel like seeing more of the collection .

I remember about how I gushed over the collection back in September and how I dreamed about owning the glitter trench after seeing Kate Hudson and Lee Da Hae's editorials ...
Now I kinda wish this editorial would just disappear. It ruined it for me.