Monday, December 21, 2009

Best of 2009 - : #20 - #11

To be honest, I had kinda peeked at the ranking before, because I was so late and I was wondering if some new interesting artist were coming soon...
What a disappointment!!! I'm not even excited to see who's gonna be at the top, I think the job is almost done lol...

Anyway at

#20 - La Roux
I think I got introduced to her because she popped up once in my recommended artists list, and then I realized that even my sister had already listen to her!!
I had to try some of her songs...
I didn't fell in love with her voice. I gave her a second chance now, being in the ranking and all, but I still don't like it. The music is similar to Little Boots, or Little Boots is similar to her music - it's electro after all - but it's not doing anything for me.

#19 - Placebo
Still around.

#18 - Kelly Clarkson
-chuckles- Well I'm happy for her, as I remember I wanted to vote Justin Guarini at the finale of the first season of American Idol.

#17 - Paramore

#16 - Phoenix
Pfuu some redemption at last. And they're from France!! You learn something everyday...

#15 - Black Eyed Peas
I have to say that I had my share of their singles this summer. You just couldn't escape I got a feeling.

#14 - Muse
This album was a big disappointment to me. But I guess a lot of people listened to it, trying to see if they could get into it and then just moved onto something else.

#13 - Taylor Swift
Omg, I was almost afraid I had to write a whole post about her because basically, she's a new artist to me, as I never really listen to her songs... Entirely.

#12 - Fall Out Boy
I didn't know they were still making music.

#11 - Britney Spears
I didn't realize she was still relevant. She's still selling!!! OMG!


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