Monday, December 07, 2009 - Best of 2009 : #40 - Little Boots

So here I begin my short reviews of what consider being the best of 2009. At number #40 we have Little Boots, from UK, doing some electro-disco music based on her profile.

I started with Stuck on Repeat.

It starts well, very well, very 80's, I know some people will love it.
Then she starts singing.


Well first, I am not found of her voice, I'm not saying she's a bad singer, but I feel it is a let down after what the introduction built.
It is still a good song and I'm sure I'll enjoy it for a while.

Then I tried Meddle.

I don't like this song as much. It's very poppy and too much lyrics content for me, especially that I just stated I'm not found of the voice... It's not that bad, after a few listen but this experience made me look for a third song, just to have a wider overview of the artist's sound.

So here comes Remedy

Again the same thing, too much pop and lyrical content. Actually after trying those songs and seeing some pictures of the artist, she kinda reminds me of Lady Gaga. What do you guys think?

Verdict: It's not bad but it's not exceptional as well. Still above average


  1. C'est pas de la bonne 80's music parce que ça donne pas assez envie de danser, il manque de la basse et de la vitesse dans le synthé.
    La voix est pas mal 0 mais bon comme la plupart des chanteuses de nos jours.
    2/5 pour moi

  2. haha c'est mechant, je trouve que c'est de la bonne musique pour les clubs, je voulais meme le labeller dance music.