Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Acoustics songs

I went to see an acoustic show where my friend Cat sang two songs : This love from Maroon Five and  Use somebody from Kings of Leon. It was really nice and made me thinks of songs that would sound really nice acoustic.

Somebody did Hit me baby one more time, reminded me of a cover I heard a long time ago. Which one do you prefer? This one or the original?

What would you guys sing? French is welcome, we're looking for some nice french songs. One of my favorite song of the show was this one


  1. i like Colbie's song Realize :)
    too bad i wanted to go see that Kiky's concert.
    But hey in a year i'll be back!

  2. Yeah I hope she will still be singing, a lot happens in one year you know? Anyway I just wanted to add Eddie Vedder would be a good choice too, I don't know if you guys checked the soundtrack he did for Into The Wild.

  3. Je préfère Crazy in Love original, c'est sur !