Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat - Squash Squash Squash ! Part.2 : The lasagna

I have an alternative to the "real" lasagna that I do with squash and chicken.
  • Instead of using the tomato sauce and the ground beef, I replace those with a puree of squash and some shredded chicken. It's really good.
  • I know that some people use ricotta but I use a white sauce instead. I like the texture better. I have to say though I added some extra ricotta to the puree of squash but I also used the white sauce with the chicken.
  • I usually have two layers, one with the "vegetable" and the other one with the meat.
  • Finally I only add the cheese at the end (so it doesn't burn) and just grill the lasagna for the last 3 minutes.