Sunday, April 05, 2009

Le karaoke va me manquer

To drink, warm sake is the best
For relish, grilled squid is the best
Woman is best taciturn
Lighting is best burning dimly
By drinking heartily, I become hearty
Only memories go on
When my tears fall
I start singing it out loud the boat song
For the sea gulls at the coast, let me drink heavily
With that lovely girl
Sleep in sadness
A shop without decoration is best
To be able to see the port from the window is best
No playing of pop song (in the shop) is the best
Having the foghorn ring from time to time is best
By drinking uncontrollably, I become uncontrollable
My heart is sobbing
When I think of the girl of past time
I start singing it out loud the boat song
By drinking slowly, I become slow
Regrets lingering at my chest
Whenever I feel lonely late at night
I start singing it out loud the boat song
Lulu lu…

Avec qui je vais chanter maintenant?


  1. Ouh la,
    Les paroles sont d'une profondeur !
    Ben tu vas chanter avec ton ordi, like I do....

  2. Ouais, t'as raison. Pauvres voisins!

  3. mais ce sont les paroles de quels chanosns?