Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Best of 2009 - Last.fm : #37 - Regina Spektor

Ok this one I like ! The raspy voice combined to the piano melodies make me want to dig a little further into her discography

Verdict: To try.


  1. Her earlier stuff is best: 11:11, Songs, Soviet Kitsch.

  2. FFW, what a surprise!!! OMG, I need to step up now :p .
    Thanks for the recommendations :)

  3. Pas mal...
    Mais j'écouterais pas de façon usuelle. Surtout la première chanson est bien...c'est un peu style Feist.

    Verdict 3/5

  4. She's better than 3/5 Irène, you're a tough judge! her newer stuff is more in the region of Feist, I'd agree.

    She had a couple of older songs used well in (500) Days of Summer this year too (including in the trailer at the beginning).

  5. Ben 5/5 = classique
    4/5 = j'acheterai l'album
    3,5/5 = j'acheterai pas mais je téléchargerai..
    3/5 = pas mal okay, loool.

  6. ok c'est tres bien tout ca, mais ffw doesn't read french or does he?

  7. Ohhhh I'm sorry !
    I thought it was my sister you wrote the message !

    Ok so little translation
    5/5 : it's a classic
    4/5 : I would buy the CD
    3, 5/5 : I'd download the CD
    3/5 : well I'd listen to it but not good enought for me to buy or DL.