Sunday, December 27, 2009

Best of 2009 - : #10 - #4 [Update]- with the top 3 now!

Wow finally we're there... Every click sees me being super excited and then sometimes disappointed or even more excited / happy depending on the title I see at the top of the page loading .

#10 - Kanye West
How come??!!
This album...
Just painful...
Kanye is getting artistic, but it's not like it's something nobody has done before. Just some autotune, that can't even conceal his "beautiful" voice and some 808 drums beats. Well congrats for selling that much and having so much scrobbles on .

#9 - Yeahs Yeahs Yeahs
I should have introduced them properly, but it turned out that after hearing and loving Heads will Roll as the soundtrack of the Hills promo - could any songs fits this any better ? - I decided to try the whole album. All the songs are not at the same level of Heads will Roll but after some listen, I'm starting to get into it.

#8 - Green Day
Well Green Day is a veteran punk act, and they're still doing it well. I am the one who grew out of this phase.

#6 - Beyonce
This is a surprise, but a nice surprise.

I had decided I'll showcase the top 5, then the top 3 at least, otherwise it would be a little too boring lol till I saw who made the list... I think I can all stuff it there, I don't want to waste a post for those artists . I'll do my own top 10 instead :p .

#5 - Franz Ferdinand
This is so funny, and I know some people won't like it, but I kinda thought about Britney Spears and Fall Out Boy at the same time. I had no idea Franz Ferdinand was still active. I haven't listened to any of their new songs.

#4 - The Prodigy
See the previous comment

I'm stopping here because, actually, I wanted to do a honest review, and I have to say that I never really listened to the next two artists... Even if I was somewhat disappointed by the top three, I feel I should still do a small review about it. Coming up!


Actually, I was so disappointed with the top 3, I didn't even feel like writing a whole post about them and looking for youtube videos to introduce them. Every one knows about Lady Gaga and her raw raw raw raw raw raw na na na na na ....
Anyway on to the top 3.

#3 - Lily Allen
I don't care.

#2 -  The Killers
I don't care either.

#1 - Lady Gaga
So disappointed.


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