Monday, November 09, 2009

Wow Law & Order SVU is back on track.

In this episode Benson and Stabler learn a young boy is being molested by his stepfather, which leads to a disturbing case of adult-child relationships. The video only features a short part of the trial, where the child molester explains "himself".  The next witness is one of his victims, who is basically praising him for what he did to her.
It also marks the return of Alexandra Cabot as the A.D.A, and I'm really excited about that!!! I learned to love Novack and also Paxton - too bad they made her exit this way - but seriously Cabot is the best!!!

Anyway back on the subject, it reminded me of a rather painful conversation I had with a "friend" about how a relation can be abusive behind closed doors and also about the whole age ain't nothing but a number issue.
Please pay attention to your friends and relatives.

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