Saturday, September 19, 2009

My take on the southern burger

Well I was watching the food network challenge for once and I saw all those excellent recipes for an original all american burger. One that really interested me was made by someone from South Carolina and consisted roughly of the regular burger topped with another "burger", made of cream cheese, regular cheese and pimientos - pimientos are almost like regular red peppers.
It looked really simple so I gave it a try, especially that we have a grill machine at home.

  • ground beef
  • egg
  • cream cheese
  • cheese
  • red pepper
  • burger bun
First you mix the egg with the beef, to make a burger, I think it's not really necessary but I never tried without so I'm not sure. I'd rather use it just so the burger doesn't fall all down at the end.
Of course you have to add salt/pepper and some spice and test it all at the end. It should be really tasty otherwise it won't taste anything once cooked.

While you grill your burger and toast the bun, mix the cream cheese with the regular cheese and the red pepper and do another burger with it. Try it thin first , if you like it you'll go all in the next time! On the tv they cooked it on top of the burger but they did have a real bbq grill. Otherwise you can put it on top of the toast.

At the end put everything together and your burger is done!

I really like the softness of the cream cheese added to this burger, it add some moisture to everything. I would add more spices to balance the softness though. So I usually spray some cayenne pepper on the burger once it's done.


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